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Can I bring my child to an appointment?

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An initial appointment can take up to 2 hours, so if your child is likely to get restless, it may be better to come on your own. There is no creche facility at any of the clinics. If the appointment is about your child’s health then I will need to see him or her for the initial appointment.

Do you carry out tests?

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I may suggest having tests carried out to give a better picture of what is going on either at the initial consultation or when we meet again at the follow-up consultation, when I have made a holistic assessment of your symptoms with your goals in view.  We will then have a discussion about whether these are right for you. If you require any blood tests, we can book you in for me to take and process them for sending to the relevant laboratory.

Will you suggest any supplements?

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I like to work with food and lifestyle for preference, but for some people supplements may be helpful.  I do not usually recommend any supplements at the first consultation, as I check all the medication you may be taking for interactions between them and any supplements that you are taking.  

Can I have an appointment for the whole family?

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I would be happy to meet your whole family for a health review. Please contact us to discuss how many family members are taking part so that we can allocate an appropriate amount of time to make sure everyone in the family can be assessed. It is best to book an individual adult or child with complex needs or health issues separately. The price for this will be dependent on how many members of the family are involved and their ages.

Can you help me if my GP has been unable to make a diagnosis?

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I do see clients who come as ‘a last resort’, but I do not make any diagnoses. With such clients, I often use functional testing on top of the assessment to identify gaps in nutrient levels or hidden infectious organisms. If the testing flags any of these areas up, clients can return to their GPs with more evidence for a diagnosis and treatment, or we can work together to improve quality of life naturally. For those who feel they have no choice, using the Functional medicine model and Nutritional Therapy may be a safe and natural means of possibly regaining some control over their debilitating symptoms.

Are you allergen-free?

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I cannot guarantee that the clinic rooms are allergen free. If you are extremely allergic to a specific food or environmental allergen then please book a virtual consultation.

How do I know you have the right qualifications?

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I am registered with both BANT and the CNHC. Please see relevant page about what these registration bodies do.

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