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What can I expect?

What happens when I book an appointment?

You will be sent a questionnaire and terms of engagement to fill in online. The questionnaire asks about your symptoms, medical history, diet and lifestyle.

First appointment

In this session which can last up to two hours, we will discuss what you wish to achieve. We will review your questionnaire, previous and current illnesses and diagnoses. I will ask you more questions to build a better picture of your current health status. You will be able to contribute more information and ask questions. I may suggest some tests using reputable laboratories in the UK, Europe and the USA, so that we are looking at what is really happening rather than guessing. I will give you some advice to start you on your journey to a better quality of life. I will then book you in for the follow-up, which is included in the fee.


At your follow-up appointment which can last up to 1.5 hours, we will review how you are. I will go through my research and findings with you in conjunction with interpreting any test results, if these have already been done. It is more likely that we will discuss testing at this appointment after I have had the chance to work our the most appropriate and cost effective test(s) for you. Then together we will agree a more detailed personalised programme that takes your lifestyle and food preferences into consideration. 

Subsequent appointments

Further appointments are usually required especially if you have had symptoms for a long time. These usually vary between 30 minuets to 1 hour depending on what is discussed. These appointments incur a seperate fee.

Virtual appointments

Most appointments take place on Zoom or Skype.  If you prefer to be seen in a clinic for your first appointment, please contact me and we will book an appointment in a clinic nearest to you.



Included in the fees are assessments, accompanying research and evaluation, printed information to help with your dietary changes, recipes, general advice, liaison with health professionals involved in your care and referral letters. 

15 minute no-obligation appointment: free

First and follow-up appointment: £300.00 payable two days before your first appointment

Subsequent appointments of 30-60 mins: £40 - £80 pro rata

Private Health Plan Providers

Nutritional Therapy consultations are recognised by some private health plan providers. Please contact your provider for details on how to claim before booking your consultation.​​


Is nutritional therapy right for me?

If you are not sure whether this form of therapy is right for you, schedule a free 15 minute, no-obligation chat to help you decide. Please note that I am not able to give any advice at this appointment because I will not have completed a functional assessment.

What is not included in the fees?

Functional Tests: These are only recommended if necessary and are charged at cost price wherever possible.

Review of testing: from £20 depending on the complexity of the test. In order to feedback test results, all tests are reviewed with reference to your health condition, symptoms and personal preferences. 

Supplements: I prefer to use natural methods of optimzing your quality of life, such as diet and lifestyle suggestions. However, if necessary, supplements will be recommended from reputable companies where they may usually be obtained with a discount.

I do not sell supplements personally. Any commission that I receive from testing or supplement companies will be used towards my continuing professional development (CPD).

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