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Our bodies need the right balance of nutrients for our way of life to function optimally as individuals. The degree to which what we eat influences how much energy we have and how we deal with stress, infections and susceptibility to disease often depends on a person’s genetic makeup, lifestyle and environment. That is why there is such a lot of variability in how people respond to the same diet, workload, lack of sleep… the list goes on. Indeed many people realise that something that works well for someone they know may not necessarily work for them. This is where Nutrition Practitioners or Registered Nutritional Therapists can help because they use a personalised approach to nutrition and lifestyle which can be very powerful. 

My Approach

At Nolan Nutrition, I use a functional medicine approach to identify the unique requirements of each of my clients. This holistic assessment addresses the whole person, by looking at their diet, lifestyle, body chemistry, genetic and environmental factors, so that evidence-based recommendations can be personalised to the individual. I regularly use laboratory testing for gut health, nutrient levels, blood chemistry, toxin exposure, food or other intolerances to help me to identify nutritional and metabolic imbalances. Once I know what your unique requirements or causes of your health problems are, I can work with you to use diet, food supplements and lifestyle changes to regain your health, all the while using the most natural and gentle ways to stimulate your body to rebalance itself. 

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