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Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of health and wellbeing. It is recognised as a complementary medicine and works alongside conventional medical treatment. Registered practitioners aim to assess and identify the underlying causes of a person’s symptoms by using a wide range of tools. These tools help to identify potential nutritional imbalances and can throw light on how these imbalances may contribute to an individual’s health concerns. Understanding this allows the Nutritional Therapist to work with clients to correct their specific nutritional imbalances and help support the body to regain health and wellbeing. Because Nutritional Therapy can complement medical care, it can be used by those with chronic conditions, as well as by those who simply wish to optimise their health and quality of life. Nutritional Therapists are always happy to work with medical and other healthcare professionals currently involved in your care.


Nutritional therapists commonly deal with problems of food sensitivities, gut health, blood sugar control, hormone, weight, fatigue, anxiety and stress management, to name but a few areas. They are not allowed to give medical advice, prescribe drugs or diagnose illnesses.

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